inTABS™ Multiplication Table

How does the "revolutionary" interactive inTABS work?

A powerful kinaesthetic (multi-sensory) learning system to achieve fast and effective results. Uniquely, the answers to the equations are concealed which means the learner has to interact wi...

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Key to maths success: The times table

Research by Ofsted, the schools watchdog, concluded:

"Pupils without instant recall of the multiplication table struggle in maths."

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Key to health & wealth: good numeracy

Good numeracy is the best protection against unemployment, low wages and poor health.” (OECD)

We use maths in every aspect of our lives...

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Times Tables testing for all pupils by 11 (DfE)

"Every pupil in England will be tested [against the clock] on their times tables before leaving primary school." (DfE)

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Poor numeracy: more than twice as likely to be unemployed

People with poor numeracy skills are more than twice as likely to be unemployed.” (National Numeracy)

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National innumeracy crisis: How does it effect you?

Innumeracy costs the UK over £20 Billion per year; 17 million adults have numeracy at/below primary school level.

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Dr Sheila Furey, MD (Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist; Learning Disability Specialist: highly recommends inTABS Multiplication book for all students including those with special needs:

"inTABS is an awesome addition to the toolbox of any student who struggles with math facts. This tool provides kinaesthetic and visual input to students as they learn their math facts. Counting aloud adds auditory input. Visually seeing the patterns of numbers is invaluable.

The layout of the book allows both horizontal and vertical brain input. It allows students to incorporate counting forward and backward. Students begin by learning to skip count forward and can add the additional neurocognitive challenge of backward to build and strengthen their neuronal network.  The student can work independently or with support. Students enjoy the independence of opening a tab to reveal success or an added support.  The book is sturdy and versatile. Take it in the car for quick minute drills or while waiting at appointments. This is a tool I recommend for all of my patients who are struggling with math no matter what their age.

Nothing in life or math is random. From physics to art and music, all of science and creativity is tied to math. The beauty of math is often lost because a person does not have a secure foundation. Allow inTABS to be the first step in building that foundation. Math no longer has to be a foreboding subject, but can be the foundation of understanding the complex symmetry of life."

Sheila M. Furey, MD (Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist; Learning Disabilities Specialist, VA.