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Who kisses a maths book like a trophy?

One child (obviously very into his football) loved the book so much after testing himself and finding that he could ace his times table that he held it up and kissed it like a football world cup trophy!  Can you honestly say you’ve ever heard, let alone witnessed, anyone do this to a maths book of all things in your life?  He’s not alone; we’ve seen a great many children turn from very negative feelings about maths, to positive, happy, smiling and energetic young people in the space of time it took to try the book on them.  This truly is revolutionary and remarkable.


Who steals a maths book?

Apparently our book is valued enough that it is worthy item and subject for stealing. We had two books sneakily stolen from our stand at the Education Show 2016 at the NEC, whilst it was busy and we were manning the stand!


Who loves a maths book that much that they take it to bed with them?

We’ve just had a response back from a mother of two who has a 4-year-old with high-functioning autism. In her own words:

“Donté Loves His Intabs Book So Much, He Has Taken It To Bed With Him grin emoticon📓📟🔢✖”


“OMG!! I’ve never been able to do this before!! Is this some kind of magic?!”

~an over-joyed and ecstatic 40-year-old female art teacher with dyspraxia.

Ha ha … No, it’s not magic, just a scientifically proven way for all (SEN inclusive) to gain instant recall of their entire 12 times table in mere weeks.


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