Independent Review by Mom Does Reviews: instant recall down from 35seconds to 2.5seconds within a week using inTABS.


Make Homeschool easy with inTABS

I homeschool my three children, and my youngest has struggled with her multiplication tables for years.  I quizzed her, got her a set of flashcards, and even had her make her own flash cards.  We focused on it for two years, and then moved on.  Due to her lack of knowing the times tables, her math this year was slow.  Then I got her the inTABS Multiplication Times Table Book.  This unique Kinesthetic book has already made a difference in a very short time.


Quick Results

This inTABS book comes with a Standardized Test to see how well the inTABS works (download and print the testing form by clicking here).

First before I gave her the book I quizzed her on 5 equations. I took the time it took to answer those questions and added them together.  She took 35 seconds on the first run.  Then I told her to study those 5 equations in the inTABS book and she would have to try again the next day.  The next day she was able to answer the five questions in a total of 4.5 seconds.  I was happy to see her confidence level was also much better.  Then after a week I tested her again on the same five equations.  She was done in 2.5 seconds.  This sampling was great for both of us, because she now likes the book, and I saw how well it works already.


Mom's Thoughts

This book will make Homeschool multiplication so much better for everyone.  The concept is so vital to prevent children struggling through their entire higher math.  As a mom of multiple children it is hard to really push and stay on top of every facet of education.  Sometimes I have to let them do a lesson alone, while I work with their sibling on something.  This book will alleviate some stress because it is in a format where the child can work on their times tables by themselves.  In fact the child visually seeing the tabs is an aid for their recall and learning.


This book is affordable and effective, so all families can benefit from it.  Plus it is fun and easy to use!  My daughter likes it, and when her cousin spent the night they spent about 30 minutes playing with their times tables in the book.  They were challenging themselves and each other.  My niece said she would like to have inTABS because she is terrible with her times tables.  My other friend said her daughter needs help as well.  It is a common issue with my fellow homeschool parents to have at least one child who needs to master their multiplication tables.

I like how portable this inTABS book is, and my daughter can take it with her on the go very easily.  It is light and sturdy with durable tabs that she can open and close without problem.   In addition to Multiplication, inTABS will follow with books on division and fractions soon.


About inTABS

This innovative math resource is psychologically developed in Oxford, England.  It will help children master their times tables instantly, and end up with knowledge that will last a lifetime.  This inTABS system is multi- sensory learning that will help your kids achieve fast and effective results! Most noteworthy is that this system is one of the first in the world to use a special dyslexia font and color, making it "Special Education Needs inclusive."

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