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Independent review by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine: instant recall time down from 45.4 seconds to 7.6 seconds in a DAY & only 1 second within a week using inTABS! 

Review by Emily Melissa Batai (The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, May 2019)

Interactive Multiplication Table 

inTABS Multiplication Table book is a revolutionary way to teach the multiplication tables to learners of all ages. It retails for $29.95, and there is a discount available for bulk book orders.

inTABS Multiplication Table book is a sturdy, hardcover “book” that opens to 144 tabs, each with one of the multiplication problems on it, such as “9x6.” The user can then flip open the tab and see the answer. The tabs are quite durable and have a piece of thick foam behind them for extra protection.

This product is SEN Inclusive, meaning it is specially designed for people with special needs. For instance, because of its dyslexia-friendly font and colors, it can be used successfully for people with dyslexia and dyscalculia. In addition, it is multi-sensory and perfect for kinesthetic learners of all ages. The answers that appear most often in the times tables, 12, 24, and 36, present within a shape. The answers of 12 are inside a hexagon shape, the 24 numbers are inside a diamond shape, and the number 36 is inside a circle. Any multiplication problem that has 12, 24, or 36 for an answer has the corresponding shape, which helps users understand patterns within the times tables.

inTABS also provides free lesson plans that have instructions for individual use as well as classroom use. There are also instructions for playing games with inTABS.

I have a 4th grader who is a kinesthetic learner. She is also dyslexic and struggles with learning the times tables. We have tried program after program, and nothing worked until we tried the inTABS Multiplication Table book.

When first starting the book, students take a pretest using the multiplication problems 4x7, 6x6, 7x8, 9x8, and 11x11. The first day my child started the program, it took her 227 seconds to answer all the problems. The next day, after using inTABS, I retested her, and she took 38 seconds. She shaved 189 seconds off her recall rate by using inTABS just one day! Within a week, she had one-second recall on every single one of those problems. We have been using inTABS about 10 minutes a day, and the difference in her ability to recall the times tables is amazing.

When I received this product, I was not sure that this would be the answer to my child’s multiplication struggles, but it was. inTABS is developing a division table, and I plan to use that with my child also. My daughter loved this tool, as did I.

I would change nothing about this product; it is the perfect tool for learning the multiplication tables, for any age or ability level.

I recommend inTABS Multiplication table for any child or adult who struggles to remember multiplication facts. I cannot believe what a difference it has made for my child. While this looks like a simple product, the multi-sensory nature, as well as SEN Inclusion, as well as SEN Inclusion makes this a powerful tool.


--Product Review by Melissa Batai, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2019

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Independent review by Powered By Mom: instant recall time down from 19 seconds to 3.5 seconds in a day using inTABS!

Review by Emily Elkins Cochran (Powered by Mom, March 2019)

Making Multiplication Math Easy: inTABS Is Bringing Learning To Life

My oldest child is 8 years old and in 3rd grade. This is the first year they are studying multiplication and division in class. Jasper is very good at math, and I actually started teaching him multiplication years ago after he inquired about a math question. He took to the concept immediately and used basic multiplication on and off up through this year.  And while he can complete worksheets no problem, he has almost no instant recall when it comes to multiplication math. When I learned how beneficial instant recall is in math for one’s life skills, I was so glad to get inTABS to help all my kids learn this skill.

When Math Memorization is fun!

multiplication math

Getting Started

multiplication math

We recently learned that Jasper may be on the Autism Spectrum. He’s pretty fully-functioning, but it would explain a lot of his behaviors as well as his learning styles. So, having the inTABS (short for Interactive Tables) book has been incredibly beneficial for him to use. He can learn at his own pace, or I can work with him. He loves having to open each little door to check his answer. Including the kinesthetic learning into the book not only help retention of the equations and answers but helps him to better focus on his task.  There are also visual patterns linking 12’s, 24’s, and 36’s with matching shapes. And while my younger two cannot fully grasp multiplication with those higher numbers yet, it’s easy for them to see these patterns and make connections.

For a long time now my kids love asking each other random math questions. It’s a sort of game for them. Now even the younger two can get started on multiplication. Developed at Oxford by a psychologist, the book is Special Education Needs friendly and even uses a Dyslexia Friendly font and colors. It has also been touted as an invaluable tool for kids with Dyscalculia, the mathematical form of Dyslexia.

Supported Learning

As a parent, I am loving the inTABS multiplication math book for so many reasons. First off, my kids think it’s so fun to play with. And anything that makes my kids think learning is fun gets a stamp of approval in my book. Secondly, InTabs provides tons of lesson plans for teacher and parents alike. They have ideas for fun games to play, the best ways to use the book for the most effective learning, using it to gain money skills, and even ideas for younger pre-school age children to use to learn with it. There are just so many resources! They even have inexpensive toolboxes available for teachers to use in the classroom.

Backward And Forward, Inside And Out

multiplication math

There are so many ways one can use the book, and as a parent, it’s great to know it will stand up to years of use, and let’s face it, abuse, by kids. We love playing the matching pairs game with my younger two. My 5-year-old has quickly grasped that 3×4 will have the same answer as 4×3. Jasper still has trouble with the multiplication of higher numbers, so sometimes will simply focus on just the 11’s column. Or we play “Find the 12’s”, tracking down all of the hexagon shapes. We can go through and figure out which ones he doesn’t have instant recall of yet and open all of those doors to focus on studying those equations.

Great Info From The InTabs FAQ

Why do I need InTabs?

Research shows that pupils who struggle in Math are those who lack instant recall of the tables which is the building block for Math (for division, algebra, etc) in the same way ABC is to literacy (all the research is cited on website).

Why do kids need Math anyway?

Research shows that innumeracy is linked to poor wages, unemployment, social deprivation, crime, health and poor schooling (twice as likely to play truant and be excluded).

The book even comes with a standardized test. This is to not only test your child’s instant recall but also to prove that this method of learning and teaching works. If you find it doesn’t work you can return it for a full refund. The test has 5 random multiplication equations and you time how long it takes your child to answer each one. You then average the times out to get a mean time. Jasper’s starting mean time was 18.99 seconds. He was quicker with the lower number equations but struggled with the higher numbers. After 1 day of using the book that average time dropped to 3.8 seconds. 1 DAY! It was an incredible improvement, plus he loves using it!

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Independent review by Mom Does Reviews: instant recall time down from 35 seconds to 2.5 seconds within a week using inTABS!

Review by Misty Stephens (Mom Does Reviews, January 2019)

Make Homeschool easy with inTABS

I homeschool my three children, and my youngest has struggled with her multiplication tables for years.  I quizzed her, got her a set of flashcards, and even had her make her own flash cards.  We focused on it for two years, and then moved on.  Due to her lack of knowing the times tables, her math this year was slow.  Then I got her the inTABS Multiplication Times Table Book.  This unique Kinesthetic book has already made a difference in a very short time.


Quick Results

This inTABS book comes with a Standardized Test to see how well the inTABS works (download and print the testing form by clicking here).

First before I gave her the book I quizzed her on 5 equations. I took the time it took to answer those questions and added them together.  She took 35 seconds on the first run.  Then I told her to study those 5 equations in the inTABS book and she would have to try again the next day.  The next day she was able to answer the five questions in a total of 4.5 seconds.  I was happy to see her confidence level was also much better.  Then after a week I tested her again on the same five equations.  She was done in 2.5 seconds.  This sampling was great for both of us, because she now likes the book, and I saw how well it works already.


Mom's Thoughts

This book will make Homeschool multiplication so much better for everyone.  The concept is so vital to prevent children struggling through their entire higher math.  As a mom of multiple children it is hard to really push and stay on top of every facet of education.  Sometimes I have to let them do a lesson alone, while I work with their sibling on something.  This book will alleviate some stress because it is in a format where the child can work on their times tables by themselves.  In fact the child visually seeing the tabs is an aid for their recall and learning.


This book is affordable and effective, so all families can benefit from it.  Plus it is fun and easy to use!  My daughter likes it, and when her cousin spent the night they spent about 30 minutes playing with their times tables in the book.  They were challenging themselves and each other.  My niece said she would like to have inTABS because she is terrible with her times tables.  My other friend said her daughter needs help as well.  It is a common issue with my fellow homeschool parents to have at least one child who needs to master their multiplication tables.

I like how portable this inTABS book is, and my daughter can take it with her on the go very easily.  It is light and sturdy with durable tabs that she can open and close without problem.   In addition to Multiplication, inTABS will follow with books on division and fractions soon.


About inTABS

This innovative math resource is psychologically developed in Oxford, England.  It will help children master their times tables instantly, and end up with knowledge that will last a lifetime.  This inTABS system is multi- sensory learning that will help your kids achieve fast and effective results! Most noteworthy is that this system is one of the first in the world to use a special dyslexia font and color, making it "Special Education Needs inclusive."

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Reactions to review:

"Revolutionary way to learn math, definitely takes a bit of pain out of memorizing the rote methods" (C.F.)

"This is amazing. I'm gonna pass this on to a friend that homeschools" (I.S.)

"I love this, it would be great for any child. Math can seem overwhelming at times until it clicks in. Any extra support can only help" (K.R.P.)

"This sounds like a good idea" (T.W.)

"This would be so helpful for my grandson who is currently learning multiplication and would help him with memorization!" (J.W.)